What Went Wrong

The answer to this question can change your life, or have you looking back the rest of your life. I can remember shooting at a target with an arrow and missed. Not only did I miss but my arrow went beyond the target and had the potential to kill or seriously injure someone. With some coaching I adjusted my aim and took another shot. This time the outcome was much better. Mistakes happen and most often are avoidable with the proper resources or counsel.

The old saying if it can go wrong it will. How you recover and move forward is what separates successful people. Anything in your life that moves you away from God is taking you in the wrong direction. You will come to you senses and ask yourself, how did I get here. This is when you need to determine what went wrong.

Don’t try to have all the answers and use the wisdom of the resources and people God has placed in your life. There is a Chinese saying “The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all.

Take a look at your problem and identify what went wrong and take the necessary steps to improve. Also make up your mind not to make that mistake again and take another shot. Giving up is not an option.

It’s Time To Refresh


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