What is it that I am not doing that you need?

With this ring

This is the question I asked my wife. We have been married 30+ years. You could form the opinion  you should already no. But do you really?



How you go about improving anything starts with an honest question. If the area involves someone else, they need to be involved. Or you could take a position that, it doesn’t get any better.

It’s all about getting better, to be a better husband, provider, lover, and all the things we think are going good. Asking these questions are only the beginning. You need follow up and follow through to make things happen. 

I have lived long enough to know, it could always be better. It just takes work.  Blog with me during March for a daily question as I push myself towards — better. Leave a comment to share your thoughts on the topic and I challenge you to check your relationship with a hard question. 

It’s Time To Refresh

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Mattie HOLLOWELL says:

Excellent topic!!! I look forward to read find and Sharing with Al. Better is possible! Thank you so much! We love you guys!💕

Love you too Mattie, thanks for the post.

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