You’re welcome

   “You’re welcome” is the normal response given when someone says thank you. It is a courtesy statement acknowledging the deed or gesture someone has done for you or something you are connected with. A polite response to thanks.  “You’re welcome” is a complete sentence all by itself. But how often do we get to use it?

Next time you compliment someone, wait for the response. I am amazed at some of the comebacks people come up with. For example, “those are nice shoes” reply “Oh I’ve had these forever”. “You’re welcome” just doesn’t flow well after that comeback, I was expecting thank you. It can get real amusing after you really start paying attention to the descriptions people give instead of “Thank You“. We get so much detail until you never make it to “You’re welcome”.



Next time someone says something nice to you, enjoy the moment and follow it with a short “Thank You”.
Give us a chance to say “You’re Welcome”

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