We Have Ability To Create

Alfred Harris watching his thought become a reality.

Our creative ability is only limited by our imagination and determination. What was the last thing you made? Our another question, have you ever made anything? Cooks and Chefs can make a meal from scratch that will taste delicious. Designers can take words from a thought and develop a project that will match what was said perfectly. I have used the reference “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but it took words to say that.

We are co-creators made by the creator and each one of us has the ability and capability to make something out of nothing. God’s word in John chapter 1 starts saying “in the beginning was the word”. In the book of Genesis chapter 1 it tells us “in the beginning God created”. We have here the Word and Created both at the same time.

I remember one day my Dad brought a tire over my house and want to turned it into something else. First he thought about, then we talked about it, then we created something. In my line line of work as a web developer, I start forming a picture in my mind as the client tells me what they want. Then I draft it for a visual picture. I make something from words, turn into something physical. We all have unique abilities to create because we have been made in God’s image. Think about it, talk about it and then create it. You have this ability inside of you. Now go and create what you have been dreaming about.

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