The Other Side

RAHA1 Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean Background

The other side can strike fear or bring a calming peace. It is all up to your perception. What comes to mind when you here this title “The Other Side”? Everyone can draw a picture in their mind about what this might look like. It could be health, death, wealth, a fence, the street, a pool and the list can only stop when your imagination does. I have quite an imagination and with that my thoughts send me to the clouds and the water, endless.

We I was young(er) I always wondered what was on the other side of the clouds. I expected that God would be there with angels flying around in a city much like what I could see around me. My imagination was limited by what I could see. Then I took a ride in an air plane and to my amazement there were no angels flying around, but even though I could not see him, I somehow knew God was there. God has blessed me to stand on the shores of Pacific Ocean in Japan and California. I actually wrote my name on a beach in Zhuhai China (in Chinese). The Other Side of the world.

God can take us from where we are to the other side, just like he had Moses cross the Red sea with the children of Israel. Exodus 14:20 They were in fear for their life, nothing like my situation the only similarity is that we both had to trust God and know that he exists. God parted the red sea and made a way for them to pass through to the other side on dry ground. It was a miracle but I can see it happening. There is nothing too hard for God.

RAHA1 Zhuhai China
Beach in Zhuhai China

Whatever we go through in life bad or good there in another side, The Other Side. No matter where we are, GOD IS.  Don’t try to make your journey alone, let God take you and be with every mile of the journey. You need to see it happening, before it happens. The other side of the clouds, blue sky, water, they are beautiful as far as the eye can see. Even when the wind hits you can’t see it but you know it’s there. Trust God and allow him to take you to places you can only imagine.


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