The Marriage Maintenance Manual written by Terry M Clark Sr

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My brother in Christ Overseer Terry M. Clark Sr., published a book on marriage that I found to be a useful tool in my marriage. He used the maintenance of an automobile as one analogy to express his views. With his permission I will use some examples in quotes over the next two days in my blog. You can purchase a copy of his book at the bottom of this page.

The most significant relationship that we have in life is the relationships with our spouse”.

This blog is primarily for married couples, specifically men tapping into the needs of their wife. But for a moment let me say this to the single people. Choosing a life mate is a serious matter and not something you should rush into or commit to because of circumstance keyword “Life-mate”.

The covenant of marriage is the highest level of commitment we make in this life, second only to our commitment to God”.

Now back to the topic for a quick point. “Connection” is the area that can be shallow in how we relate to our spouse.

The process of two becoming one can be misunderstood. When we truly connect to our wife, there are some things that should be understood. I have heard my Bishop say “things understood need not be explained”. That happens when we “connect”.

“If you don’t value relationships, you will never achieve the highest levels of success in friendship, family, marriage, business or in life”! Overseer Clark goes into how connections impact all the areas in a married couples life.

This point I want to bring out is our ability to make a connection with our wife that supersedes everything and everyone physically here on earth. When all the parts are connected something beautiful happens. Then we can truly identity those unspoken needs without even asking. But just in case you are not there yet.

“What is it that I am not doing that you need”.

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