Standing Still

We are always moving, working, advancing, constantly in a state of busy. Busy, busy, busy is the line one of my co-workers says all the time. Looking for whats next will make you miss what’s now.

We run right past blessings looking for a blessing. You can run into a fight and even win at a great cost. When standing still was the position you should have taken. 

God’s word tells us he will fight our battles and to stand still and see. This requires trust and patience, something that seems to be slipping away from our grip. Exodus 14:13, II Chronicles 20:17.   Even the sun will not move until God has made us the overcome the challange. Joshua 10:12

Things change, places change and even people change, but God and his word have stood the test of time. Know when to be still and hear from God.

Time To Refresh

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