Sense of Accomplishment feels good inside

Setting goals in life play an important role in success and failure. They provide boundaries and set the bar for targets. The same can be said about having a budget to work within for managing finances. Goals and budgets when achieved give us a sense of accomplishment. These two areas are common within job duties and responsibilities. But what about our person life.

What is your personal goal for today? I have a few and hit one already. The feeling that comes when you achieve a personal goal is like an internal blush. No one can see it. Your cheeks don’t pink. Instead you get a warm feeling inside. Your own personal attaboy or attagirl. That sense of accomplishment where you do not need a second opinion. You set the bar, you hit the target and you know it.

When you don’t hit the mark normally there is a reason. Evaluate, refocus and go back at it. After you hit a few budgets and nail down a few goals the motivation kicks in to keep going. Plus you get that internal blush felt but not seen. You’re own personal sense of accomplishment.

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