It Only Takes One

At any given moment something can happen in your life that can change it forever. Just imagine if you hit the lottery for millions. That would Niagara Falls Canada - RAHA1definitely be a life changing event. What about some news from the doctor about your health that was not positive. Or the death of loved one suddenly.

These and many other events can have a significant impact on your behavior, mood and future. One event can be so significant it would alter every area of your life forever. Cause you to stop and go in the total opposite direction. It only takes one.

In the word of God in Mark 5: 1-15 you will find a story about a man who by our standards had some serious problems. He was naked, he would cut himself even out of his mind. He was an outcast possessed by unclean spirits living in tombs. He was in bad shape. But one day he met Jesus and his life was changed forever. It only takes one encounter with Jesus to change you forever.

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