Marriage Madness in March Worth A Million


March Madness will be underway soon and the excitement is building. Warren Buffett annually puts out a challenge for the perfect bracket. Its value, 1 million dollars to the winner. I will be honest right here, even though I am not a big NCAA fan and do not follow the college games – I will have a bracket completed and turned in on time for the prize.

But regardless of whether I win his bracket of not, I am already a winner. Marriage Madness is a term I coined for the month only because of the NCAA tournaments, Marriage is not madness at all. What does it take to have a perfect marriage? If you start saying there are no perfect marriages, then yours isn’t.

Open communication is the key in a marriage. I reference the NCAA tournaments that start with 68 teams and end with one winner. In a marriage two become one. It is within the communication that makes your marriage successful of not. Your very own version of “perfect”.

My wife answered the question I asked. “What is it that I am not doing that you need”. We have been married 31 years and I still want to make sure I am meeting her needs, without assuming. This months blog is about one question. Read the previous days.

She was open and honest. She was not looking to see what my motive was and didn’t even ask me why I was asking. It was a conversation at dinner. Since that day I have been working on it. Open communication is one key to a perfect marriage. Make time to check in with your spouse, daily.

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