Making things right

Making things Happen with Ray and Rose

Can’t we all just get along

Every relationship is going to have ups and downs. If we could get along with our family and friends all the time, that would be wonderful. The reality is we will not always get along. What seems odd is how a misunderstanding can take years to resolve.

I had lost touch with a friend for years over a misunderstanding and no forgiveness. It was actually my fault. Then my friend died.

If you have some unresolved issues blocking a relationship with someone you love, fix it.

How do you fix it? Someone has to be willing to forgive and someone needs to be forgiven. When you do this both people win. It takes work, sensitivity and desire.

  • Work
  • Sensitivity
  • Desire

One of you needs to reach out and be willing to put in the work. Every relationship may not be salvageable and you have to live with that. But if you have that person on your mind, or they keep coming up for some reason, you need to put in the work and make things right.

This is not the time to drudge up the problem. This is the time to fix the relationship. You must use sensitivity when dealing with hurt feeling. If you know the relationship needs to be reconciled, do what it takes. Someone needs to start the conversation and forgiveness has to be the topic.

Desire is what keeps them on your mind. This is your friend, family member, maybe your spouse? That desire can help you through the rough conversation. You have to ask yourself, “If I never talk to them again, am I good with how things ended”? That’s what you have to live with.

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