I got something new today

RAHA1 WEB DESIGN  The title could lead you to think about a material item. Like a package waiting at the door when you get home or maybe you went to the store and bought something new. Today is the perfect day to learn something new. Each day presents a new opportunity to gain more knowledge or wisdom. Never turn off the learning valve of life. Then take that knowledge and share it with someone.

Many times, I have to slow my mind down and listen to what is being said. Listening takes practice and focus. Our mind can get busy trying to answer a question before the person can finish asking. Today I made a decision that impacted someone’s life because I was listening. Start this post over and read it out loud so you can listen.

In the word of God Proverbs 4:7 talks about “Wisdom and how it is the principal thing, that we should get it. It goes on the say in all our getting, get understanding”. Always be open to learn something new. Then put it to the test, try it, tell it, share it with others. Wisdom relates to knowledge and it’s never to late to learn. Apply what you learn and learn every day.

It’s Time To Refresh

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