Matters of the Heart 8

February is Heart Month

Celebrating with someone else brings another level of joy. Sharing in the accomplishment of a friend strengthens the bond between people. These are the type of people you want in your life. Someone that can celebrate your moment and encourage you.

Everyone wants to be in the light and may have a problem when others shine. Even though it may not be obvious, this can be human nature. I am speaking from my own personal experience. As soon as you tell the highlight moment of your event, they fire right back with some story of their own. This can be unintentional quite often you do not realize it’s happening. I used to be one of those individuals until I recognized the issue.



I watched a video of my friend receiving a brand new van from the Word Church for his ministry “Manna Food From Heaven”. I was so excited for him and made sure I got in touch and praised God with him. Don’t miss an opportunity to give God glory for the works he does. Then celebrate with people doing the work.

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