Guard Your Heart

My last post in Heart month is tied to a Blessing. February is Heart month.

guard-your-heart RAHA1

 “The Silent Killer” when there are no signs or symptoms leading up to a heart attack or heart failure. Go online to find signs and symptoms of heart conditions. This is a critical part of your physical health.  

  Another “silent killer” spiritually is a heart not sensitive to God. When you get so far removed that you can’t see or hear him in anything. The world has a way to beat you down so much until it seems like nothing really matters. We see it all around us with car jacking, shootings, violence and just plain old evil. 

  But God can change your heart and healing begins immediately, spiritually. It starts with you asking him to come into your heart, and he will. 

  I want to thank my Pastor, Bishop Eric Clark for allowing me to post some of his megabite video’s to support my heart topics. 

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

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