Get it right, this time

RAHA1 HANDLE WITH CAREWhat is it going to take to make this relationship better or even work. Some couples never consider their relationship getting better. They get stuck at “making it work”.

I’m focused on a specific need this month. If you want to leave comments on “making it work” I can blog on that later this year. For right now, I’m into “better” and focused on her needs. Specifically what I am not doing that she needs.

By now at day three you should have some type of answer about the need you are not meeting. Addressing this need is a move towards a better relationship. It is possible that you, like me are faced with an issue that you have heard before.

You need to know and clearly identify a sustainable plan to work on this need. Some areas can be addressed quickly while others take time. The real challenge is sustaining once you understand the need. One more thing, you must understand the need in order to address the issue. Remember this is not a debatable topic, no tit for tat conversation.

“What is it that I am not doing, that you need from me”? Working through this question can change your life and change your relationship.

Don’t be discourage, just asking the question is a major step most couples never take.

It’s Time To Refresh

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