From a Kindle to a Burn Baby

Keep Trying

I am not into camping. As a matter of fact, I took the family on vacation one year to a log cabin and things didn’t go well. To many bugs, we don’t fish and it gets really dark at night. But we love a good fireplace. One thing I know about making a fire, a little kindle can grow into something big.

I had a conversation with a colleague at work about marriage. He has been married 40 years. I told him we had 31 years and his advise “keep trying”. After 40 years his advise was keep trying. I love it. When you get comfortable or think you have it all figured out, keep trying!

That is my encouragement for today. So many times couples are ready to throw in the towel, separate or the big “D”. Not many couples are willing to keep trying. Trying to make it better, to add to what you have and not tear apart the relationship.

Most fires start as a spark and grow. A little kindle can grow into a major burn. The thing I remember from my firefighting days is that a fire needs oxygen to burn. It will also consume everything in it’s path. This is a good way to approach the love for your wife. Keep discovering her needs. The consumption will happen naturally.

Don’t let your fire burn out, and if it does just brush away the ashes and get that spark to start things back up. “Keep Trying”

“What is it that I am not doing that you need”?

It’s Time To Refresh

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