Connected !

RAHA1 CONNECTEDOne word that has life changing meaning. When you are connected the possibilities are endless. Care must be taken in what and who we connect with. Have you ever been on the phone talking with static on the line or maybe listening to the radio and the station is not clear. There is a good chance you have a poor connection.

A loose cord in a plug over time will cause problems. Our connections need to be strong and checked regularly. My Bishop often says “you’re connection effects you’re direction”. What a true statement. Many people find careers, relationships, happiness, heartache and even wealth based on their connection.




One of the most important connections you will ever make is one with God. Giving your life to him and allowing his Holy Spirit to come into your heart is powerful connection. Through prayer the connection is always strong. The other connections we make are with people. People are important. Jesus even gave us instructions to Love thy neighbor as thyself , Matthew 22;39. What a powerful way to show us the behavior we should have towards each other.


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