Category: Weekday Struggles

Make up your Bed

It took some time for me to appreciate some of the simple lessons I was taught as a child. For instance tie your shoes so you don’t trip and fall. How about stop running before you fall (with your shoes Read More



Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge. This line from a rap song is a classic and the perfect example of why we should not provoke people. In our society everyone seems to have a short fuse and Read More

I got something new today

  The title could lead you to think about a material item. Like a package waiting at the door when you get home or maybe you went to the store and bought something new. Today is the perfect day to Read More

It Is Worth The Effort

What goes around comes around, “karma”, “treat people the way you want to be treated”. Over the years we have been influence by these and many other statements. How about this one “He got what he had coming” or “you Read More

It Only Takes One


At any given moment something can happen in your life that can change it forever. Just imagine if you hit the lottery for millions. That would definitely be a life changing event. What about some news from the doctor about Read More

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