Can You Help Me? I could use a little help

There have been many times I completed a difficult task on my own when I could have used some help. The funny thing is there are people in my life that would be glad to help. I’m not sure if I just wanted to do it on my own, didn’t want to bother them or maybe just didn’t think they would “help”. Either way it can take twice as long on a simple task by yourself.

Now everyone can’t help. To take it a step further with that old saying “good help is hard to find”.

The worse thing you could do it is get “bad help”. That will have to be another post. But good help, someone who knows how to hold the board while you cut, now that’s priceless.

Life’s lessons have helped me understand you learn more with and from help. When you work together with good help on a project you get ideas, conversation and completion as the result.

The next time you are about to tackle that job and you know you could use a little help, call your family or friend. “The one that knows how to help”. Thanks Big Cuz Gene….for your help!!

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