Assumptions are the silent killer

I thought you knew, — We’ve been together long enough for you to know —- or how about —- I just assumed you knew.

These and many more statements of this kind will cause problems in a relationship. But there is hope to recover and it’s as simple as communication.

You may have thought for a second I was going to introduce some brand new concept but the reality is, communication is the key to assumption avoidance.

Assumptions are the silent killers that can destroy relationships if you let them. We are individuals with independent thoughts, so why would you assume your partner can read you mind? But there’s hope.

We had a conversation a few days ago about washing clothes and putting them away. I could tell based on the response ( “Houston we have a problem”) it was more to this clothes thing than I had expected. I just assumed everything was good. Long story short, we talked about it.

Add these to you relationship toolbox

  • Listen to real conversation
    you may hear “I don’t like it when”, or “it bothers me when“….
  • Don’t make an in the moment decision
  • Don’t get upset
  • Learn your partner’s communication style
  • Adapt, compromise, adjust

It doesn’t matter how long you have been together, staying together takes work. After 30 plus years, I believe it’s worth it!

It’s Time To Refresh

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