And Then There Was One

Two Become One

Together we can accomplish anything. Teamwork makes the dream work. It may sound cliche’ but it still holds true.

What is it that I am not doing, that you need was the topic for our marriage post last month. These are a few highlights from our March Marriage Madness blog last month as the NCAA draws to one final winner. Meeting the needs of your wife makes you both winners….

  • Things could always get better, if you are willing to work at it
  • Don’t overlook the obvious
  • Don’t get discouraged by what’s wrong, work on what’s right
  • Don’t assume, this will take practice, patience and communication
  • Balance is important, keep the foundation strong
  • Make up your mind that your home will be a place of peace
  • Working on getting into her heart and not her head
  • Be open and honest to create your own version of perfect
  • Put the needs of your spouse first
  • Make everyday special, especially when you see each other
  • Don’t get comfortable, keep that fire burning
  • Keep trying everyday to build a life together, invest in each other
  • Work things out before you close our eyes for the night
  • Fun, Sex, Dating, Looking Good for each other, Keep it fresh
  • Draw closer together and reach a whole new level of understanding
  • Little things: opening the car door, pushing the cart in the grocery store, helping with the groceries, the words “thank you”
  • Make a connection with your wife that supersedes everything and everyone physically here on earth
  • Recognize and make adjustments based on how our spouse responds in the moment
  • Things have changed, make the necessary adjustments to ensure that what they need today is being offered
  • Think good things for and about your wife.

This is the short list of a few areas that will strengthen your marriage and help you meet the needs of your wife. We hope this will bless and help your marriage. Peace

Ray & Rose

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