You can’t buy time

The Christmas season has always been a special time. I came from a family that would get together for a meal, share gifts and enjoy each others company. The food normally was pot luck and we would look forward to everyone’s dish. As time went by the gifts were less important and more focus was on the the food. But the reality was us getting together that made it special. 

Now the generations have grown up with famlies we still get together on occasion. Looking back it’s not the gifts or the food that’s remembered, it was the conversations, what happened, who was there and the laughs. The time we spent with each other as time just stood still for Christmas eve.

God walked in the garden and talked with Adam. (Genesis 3:8-10) From that conversation we were seperated from God’s presence. Then God sent his son Jesus Christ (John 3:16) to bring us back to the conversation, back into his presence. 

Enjoy the time you have with each other and most importantly, restore your relationship with God. You can never buy a gift that will be remembered more than Jesus Christ. 

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