Everyday gets better

Time To Refresh

Developing open communication takes practice and patience. Some things just don’t happen over night. We have a tendency to talk at our spouse and not to them. Or we take for granted they know how we think.

This is the worse possible mistake couples can make. We assume to know how our partner thinks and even feels, without asking and listening.


We are at day 4 and either you know what it is and have started thinking about it. Or you found out and decided not to do anything. The third option is you don’t care at all and did not ask.

For me, I am working on the answer. I listened and took serious the response. I can say since day 1, everyday gets better.


Why would anyone wait for a problem they could fix before it starts? The hidden problems do the most damage. This is your opportunity to get in front of it.

“What is it that I am not doing that you need from me”? Building a better relationship takes practice, patience and communication.

It’s Time To Refresh

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