The Sun is Still Shining

I have traveled around the world a few times. I have been blessed to see Zhuhai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kinnura, Nagoya, Manchester, Hazelwood, Darby, London, Nassua, CoCo Cay and many states in the US. On two trips based on time zones I traveled over 24 hours. It was on these trips I discovered the sun is always shining – somewhere.

We know it happens but you actually have to experience flying into another day to understand. With the time zones and rotating sun, it never stops.

This reminds me of how God is omnipresent, his spirit dwells inside the believer and he promised to never leave us. You can fly all over the world, but you can never get to a place where the Son of God can’t reach you and his light shine within you. Psalms 139:8

Where ever you are in your walk allow Gods light to shine and feel his presence with you.

Time To Refresh

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Raina Harris says:

This blog is so refreshing! It helped my bad day turn good

raha1 says:

Thanks Raina

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