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Failing is a reality, but not yours

I would venture to say no one ever plans to fail but failure is a reality. No one ever wants to fail at what they are doing or working on. What we have to understand is failing does not make Read More

A Brand New Day

  Most of us like new things. A new car, new house, new clothes and on and on. The list only stops when we start to settle. I had a wardrobe malfunction this week and the bottom of my shoe Read More

Staying sharp is a daily activity

Keeping your tools sharp is a process everyone needs to understand. A dull razor will make you bleed and a barber that doesn’t sharpen his clippers is going to cut you, sooner or later.  Can you remember when you were Read More

The Other Side

The other side can strike fear or bring a calming peace. It is all up to your perception. What comes to mind when you here this title “The Other Side”? Everyone can draw a picture in their mind about what this Read More

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