Staying sharp is a daily activity

Notebook, Pencil, Clippers
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Keeping your tools sharp is a process everyone needs to understand. A dull razor will make you bleed and a barber that doesn’t sharpen his clippers is going to cut you, sooner or later.  Can you remember when you were in school going to the pencil sharpener or maybe you had one in your desk. Why, because the point on your pencil was dull.

Staying sharp is the point I am making in this post. We can get comfortable in our trade, business, relationship or anything done repetitively over time. Most often when this happens we lose our edge. That special quality that separates you from everyone else. Who wants a dull husband, wife, employee — you fill in the blank. You were uniquely created with special qualities and they can get dull without training, the right atmosphere and people.

The word of God tell us in Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
Staying sharp is a process that we must work to achieve. One of our responsibilities is to sharpen each other. Take a moment and think about the people in your life. Who challenges you, makes you step up your game, keeps you sharp. Then you need to ask yourself, who do you sharpen?

Your mind is a tool that needs the proper stimulation for peak performance. I like to believe we can always be sharp, on point, ready for action. Don’t lose your edge by falling into a routine and don’t take on responsibility you have not planned or trained for in advance. Set goals and challenge yourself daily. Celebrate the success and critique the failure, then try again.

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