If you don’t adjust the marriage is going to burst

Don’t Let It Burst

Adjusting to situations and circumstances is part of everyday married life. If you are not willing to adjust, you can make an easy task difficult. Sometimes men can take that old saying “my way or the highway” to the extreme. Making the necessary adjusts in marriage can bring peace to a rough situation.

My wife read my blog and I could tell it bothered her. I could tell not because of what she said, it was what she didn’t say. We have been married 31 years and have this unspoken connection. I knew immediately she was not “feeling” my post. It was not going to get a “like” from her on FaceBook. I had two choices, post or delete. Let me just say you will never read that blog post.

This month is about Marriage Madness and meeting the needs of our wife. It would be foolish to post something my partner does not agree with. We are a team and this months blog is designed to strengthen married couples, specifically husbands tapping into the unspoken needs of their wife.

These are the two key points for this post for today, our connection and making adjustments. Just being connected is not enough. Making adjustments based on how our spouse responds is what solidifies the connection.

Up up and away….

This philosophy doesn’t make you weak, it makes you wise. We make adjustments everyday if life, so men be adjustable with your wife.

“What is it that you need from me that I am not doing”

It’s Time To Refresh

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