Dreams are Reality

Living the dream is a statement I hear people quote in the normal 2 second greeting we give in passing. But I wonder are we really living “the” dream “a” dream or “our” dream.

I would step out and say most people stopped dreaming a long time ago. Honesty, when was the last time you had a dream that you actually remember? Then go one step further and ask “Am I living this dream”?


It’s Time To Refresh


I know this is getting deep but it’s true. In the scripture there was a man named Joseph that lived his dream. He had it when he was young and many years later he lived it. A lot happen in the middle. You can find the story in Genesis 37.

The next time someone tells you they are living the dream, ask them what that means. Are we talking the white picket fence American Dream or a vision God has placed in you.

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