A Delicate Balance

One stone at a time

This is going to take some work, balance and a good foundation

How you ever noticed just before a storm, the birds get quiet and stop flying around. When you are in a relationship, you need to be aware of the “weather” and the tone in the house. This can help you adjust to the situation before it gets out of hand. Men set the tone in the house.


With that said, short blog today. Even when we work to correct a “need” you can’t drop the others areas that get attention. Know your spouse and it doesn’t hurt to be a good “weatherman”


One key point I have to make is having a solid foundation in your marriage. Working on a specific need can help, but you need a solid foundation to build on. We have a tendency to tear down each other instead of build up. Words have meaning and they build or destroy. Want did you build in your relationship today?

“What is it that I am not doing, that you need”

It’s Time To Refresh

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