Month: March 2018

Now you see me, now you don’t

I could never understand for the longest time how they found me. My mom, brothers and even my dad. At one point I figured they must have super powers. After all when I closed my eyes I turned invisible, right? Read More

Sense of Accomplishment feels good inside

Setting goals in life play an important role in success and failure. They provide boundaries and set the bar for targets. The same can be said about having a budget to work within for managing finances. Goals and budgets when Read More

Make up your Bed

It took some time for me to appreciate some of the simple lessons I was taught as a child. For instance tie your shoes so you don’t trip and fall. How about stop running before you fall (with your shoes Read More



Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge. This line from a rap song is a classic and the perfect example of why we should not provoke people. In our society everyone seems to have a short fuse and Read More

You’re welcome

thankyou Time To Refresh

   “You’re welcome” is the normal response given when someone says thank you. It is a courtesy statement acknowledging the deed or gesture someone has done for you or something you are connected with. A polite response to thanks.  “You’re Read More

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